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#108: 5 Ways to Inspire Your Journaling Practice

Is your journaling practice feeling a little stale? Click the image to discover 5 ways to inspire your practice starting today >>>

If you’ve been around Becoming Who You Are for a while, you’ll probably know that I’m an e-nor-mous fan of journaling. Having spent many an hour writing, typing, reading, and reflecting, I also know that sometimes a regular journaling practice can start to feel a little stale. And when activities start to feel stale, we’re less likely to maintain them.

So, if you’d like to start, restart, or add a little more vim to your journaling practice this episode is for you. I’m sharing a few suggestions I’ve found useful for inspiring my regular journaling practice.

Useful Links

The Ultimate Guide to Journaling
The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron
Headspace meditation app
Meditation Oasis podcast

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