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Welcome! On this page, you can find the resources and bonus content for Journaling with Heart. I am all about doing things in a manageable and sustainable way, so I’ll be posting the resources for each week in at a non-overwhelming pace as we go.

As we are a community, I want to hear from you: have you read/seen/heard/experienced anything cool, useful, or inspiring in relation to journaling? If so, leave a comment on this page and add your 2 cents!

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Week 1


For the first week of the course, we’re easing in with a short but sweet interview with Stephanie Hall. It’s about stream-of-consciousness journaling, a technique that you can use anywhere and anytime to de-clutter your mind, process an event or situation, get clarity, and much more!
Click here to access the interview and notes.


This week’s bonus is a mini-guide called “20 Questions for Self-connection and Self-reflection“.
I encourage you to use these questions each week to reflect on the week gone by and set an intention for the week ahead.

Week 2


This week’s interview is a written discussion with Claire De Boer about telling our stories through journaling. Claire has a lovely, gentle approach to self-expression through writing and shares her ideas in this written interview.
Click here to access the interview.

Group call

This week’s group call was around the topic of journaling through fear.
Click here to listen and download

Week 3


Our first interview this week is with Tara Leaver about using art for self-expression. Tara is a writer and artist who encourages and supports creative beginners to reconnect with their artist selves.
Click here to access the interview.

You can also listen to the conversation I recorded with Ashley Wilhite about vision boards. Ashley has used vision boards for the last couple of years to complement journaling and shares her ideas and suggestions with us here.
Click here to access the interview and notes.


This week’s bonus is a guide containing my top 10 digital journaling tools. Using tools for journaling is completely optional, but if this is something you’re interested in, I hope this guide will help you get started.

Week 4

Group Call

This week’s group call focused on the topic of self-coaching through journaling.
Click here to listen and download.


This week, we have an interview with Nathan Ohren about maintaining a consistent journaling practice. Nathan has a lot of insightful tips about consistency and about journaling in general.
Click here to access the interview and notes.

You can also hear my interview with Lynda Monk on journaling and self-care. Lynda is a coach and licensed social worker and has much wisdom to share on the topic of self-care, as well as some invaluable journaling exercises that can help us explore and develop our own self-care practice.
Click here to access the interview and notes.


Our first bonus guide this week is “How to Journal When You Don’t Have Time to Journal“, which provides six suggestions you can use to fit your journaling practice in even when your plate is full.

You can also download “Off the Page and Into the World: How to Use Journaling for Change“. Appropriately for the end of the course, this guide provides suggestions for how you can translate your journaling insights into real-world action.

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