10 Powerful Books on Self-Care That Will Enrich Your Life


Self-care is an important topic that many of us don't make time to learn about until we get sick, hit burnout or otherwise have to. Which is crazy, because there are a lot of wise and wonderful books on self-care out there to educate and inspire us.Let's stop that cycle!Below are some of my favourite books on self-care and self-kindness. What are yours?

10 Powerful Books on Self-Care

[gallery columns="2" size="full" link="file" ids="9625,9620,9622,9627,9629,9626,9621,9623,9624,9628"]Important note: As we all know, reading about something isn't actually the same as taking action on something—and that goes for self-care too! You can find lots of practical suggestions for revolutionising your self-care practice in my book From Coping to Thriving: How to Turn Self-Care Into a Way of Life. One that I recommend in particular is scheduling it in. This sounds really simply but is a powerful way to make sure your self-care happens.Just as you would schedule in meetings, appointments and other commitments, make this commitment to yourself and add self-care time to your calendar too. Remember: it doesn't have to be hours of time, even 20 minutes is enough to make a difference. Take 30 seconds and schedule in your first self-care session now so you can put what you're learning into action.What are your favourite books on self-care? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.Further reading: 7 must-read books that will help you better your relationships & 9 simple suggestions for blissful self-care during winter

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