14 Holiday Gift Ideas For Introspectives in Your Life


If you've yet to finish (or start) your Christmas shopping, here are a few gift ideas for introspectives in your life. All the suggestions below are perfect for people who are passionate about personal development, deep thinking and self-reflection.P.S. Gift for yourself? Totally counts.

14 holidays gift ideas for introspectives

The Q and A a Day: 5-Year Journal by Potter Style

5-year journalThis journal comes with 365 prompts and questions and space to write five different entries for each prompt. Not only do you have journaling inspiration for the whole year, but you also get to compare your answers from the last five years.

 When I Loved Myself Enough by Kim McMillan

whenilovedmyselfThis is one of my favourite books and a beautiful ode to self-kindness. It's a combination of insightful wisdom, personal philosophy and practical guidance that will inspire you towards deeper self-acceptance and compassion.  

You Are Here: A Mindful Travel Journal by Emma Clark

youarehereThis is a travel journal with a difference. Emma Clark uses questions and exercises to guide you through an inward journey of self-discovery that will match your external travels. Whether you're going away for a weekend or taking the trip of a lifetime, this notebook is a lovely travel companion.  

 Spirited by Rachel Macdonald and Tara Bliss


Spirited is a 12-part workbook that covers big topics like dreams and visions, fear, self-sabotage, inner critic, creativity and self-expression. It's packed with practical exercises, as well as stories and lessons from Rachel and Tara's lives and comes in a beautifully-designed ebook.  

 The Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte

desiremapThe Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte is a goal-setting book that starts by asking "How do you want to feel?" and encourages you to set goals that will evoke those feelings for you. It's full of inspiration and practical exercises, and perfect for milestones like a new year or birthday.


 Truthbomb Card Deck by Danielle LaPorte 


The Truthbomb card deck is a collection of Danielle's most popular truthbombs: phrases and questions designed to make you think, inspire change, and feel all the feelings.  

Kelly Rae Roberts Prints


Kelly combines mixed media art with inspiring quotes and messages to create beautiful prints. She also sells stationary, home decor, and books on creativity, art and running a creative business.  

All About Me - Philip Keel


All About Me is packed with questions and prompts for self-discovery. It's designed so you can use it to share more about yourself with loved ones, or simply use the questions for your own self-knowledge.  

Create Your Shining Year 2015 by Leonie Dawson

shining year

Leonie Dawson's planners are a fun and creative way for women to set goals for the new year. They come in two versions, business and life (or a double pack), and guide you through the process of reflecting on the year gone by and help you plan for the next 12 months.  

Liz Lamoreux Jewellery


Liz Lamoreux creates jewellery, talismans and keychains that come with mindful reminders and inspiring quotes. Some of her jewellery is also symbolic (like the five deep breaths set). All of it is beautiful and available through her Etsy store.  

 Open Heart Project Membership


Susan Piver's Open Heart Project is a global mindfulness community that acts as an online meditation centre. As part of the community, you get access to daily meditations, a private online forum, and more.  

Yoga Download membership


Yoga Download provides over 1000 online yoga classes in different styles and for all levels. As a member, you can stream or download classes on demand and do them from the comfort of your living room.. It's the perfect way to start or maintain a regular yoga practice if your schedule makes it hard to attend classes or you're on a budget. 

You could also consider picking up these books— because why not ? :)

 The Ultimate Guide to Journaling

ultimate-guide-journaling-cover-mock sidebar.pngIn The Ultimate Guide to Journaling, you’ll find the tips, inspiration, and prompts you need to start and maintain a journaling practice for DIY self-discovery. Using this clear and concise guide, you can discover everything you need to know to deepen your relationship with yourself using this powerful personal development tool.

The Ultimate Guide to Journaling tells you everything you need to know to start a diary: not only does it cover foundational topics like how to journal, what to use, and how to make it a regular habit, but it also contains over 100 journaling prompts and suggestions to keep your practice flowing for years to come.

From Coping to Thriving

from-coping-to-thriving-cover-mockSelf-care is a necessary part of being alive, not something we resort to when we’re at our most burned out, vulnerable, and desperate. It’s is “the right and responsibility to take care of your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.” (Pauline Salvucci)From Coping to Thriving will show you exactly how to do just that. This is a comprehensive guide to making self-care part of your everyday life. With a balance between practical suggestions, coaching-style questions and psychological groundwork, From Coping to Thriving is designed to give you the self-knowledge and awareness you need to start making self-care an integral part of your life, instead of something that lives at the bottom of your priorities list.Not only does the book contain hundreds of useful tips and ideas to get you going with a regular self-care practice, it will also take you deeper into related topics like habit-formation, coping strategies, dealing with resistance to self-care and more.

P.S. If you're looking for home-made gift ideas, Tara Leaver has a lovely selection of tutorials over at her website.

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Image: Shawnee Wilborn