7 Personal Growth Blogs to Enrich Your Summer Reading


As an avid reader, I love books and blogs in equal amounts. The internet is a noisy place and there are thousands upon thousands of personal growth blogs out there to choose from (so a huge thank you for reading this one!)

I enjoy keeping my Feedly list fresh with new writers and voices. If you're like me, let's trade suggestions! Here are a few of my current favourites:

1. Mark Manson

Mark has a no-nonsense attitude to personal growth that is incredibly refreshing. His posts don’t always make for comfortable reading (and are definitely NSFW), but they are well-researched, thorough, and undeniably truth-filled. As someone who really dislikes the amount of fluff in the personal development world, I appreciate his willingness to say things and go places that very few other people are willing to say or go. In his own words, “I write personal development advice that doesn’t suck. Some people say I’m an idiot. Other people say I saved their life. Read and decide for yourself.”

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2. Yes&Yes

Y&Y is a lifestyle and personal development blog run by Sarah Von Bargen, who is serious about life without taking life too seriously. My personal favourites are her own posts about life lessons, as well as her “true story” interview series with people who have interested and unexpected life situations and experiences (if you’re a blogger or small business owner, I also recommend checking out her other website on small businesses—she offers great advice there too).

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3. Your Courageous Life

Whenever I think of someone who embodies integrity in her work, Kate is one of the first people who comes to mind. Each week, she shares short but sweet writings, audios and videos on living with greater courage, love and authenticity. If you’re a coach (or interested in becoming one) her sister site, The Coaching Blueprint, is a must-read too.

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4. Sas Petherick

Sas writes from the heart about changing our stories, navigating change and being human. Although I’ve loved reading her blog for a few years now, I’ve been particularly enjoying her My Mindful Year project, where she shares beautiful lessons and resources for living more consciously based around a specific theme each month.

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Listen to my conversation with Sas for the Becoming Who You Are podcast here.

5. Art to Self

I only discovered Steph Halligan’s daily doodles a couple of months ago but I’ve fallen in love with them and look forward to each one. Every day, she sends out a doodle based on a recent personal insight or life lesson. Somehow these always seem to resonate with what’s happening in my life, reaffirming my theory that wherever we are and whatever we’re doing, we all share the same hopes, dreams, fears, struggles and triumphs.

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6. Tiny Buddha

Tiny Budda is a community website sharing articles from different writers, plus periodic posts from Lori Deschene, the founder. It covers huge range of topics related to personal development and applying simple wisdom to our everyday lives. It’s safe to say there is something for everyone here! TB also has a community forum where you can connect with other readers, ask and answer questions and join in group conversations.

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7. Nicole Antoinette

Nicole doesn’t have a blog per se, but her Notes of Grit and Grace is one of my favourite email subscriptions and something I read each week without fail. She also has a great podcast where she talks with people about real life (real real life, not the shiny Instagrammed version) and shares personal essays and stories about the wonderfully messy business of being human.

Listen to Nicole’s podcast.

Listen to my interview with Nicole on the BWYA podcast here.

What are your favourite personal growth blogs? Leave a comment and share your thoughts.