How to Stop Thinking


We've discussed mindfulness, and how this can be helpful for tuning in to how you feel physically and mentally. Mindfulness is a great way of sitting with yourself and watching which thoughts that come to mind, without getting involved in them.

But what if we just can't help getting involved?
What if those thoughts parade around our heads, holding up placards saying 'This thought is REALLY IMPORTANT' or 'I might look like a thought, but really I'm not, therefore you can think about me' (nice try).
And this doesn't just happen with meditation: at work, before sleep, during conversations, while driving... these thoughts will take any window of opportunity they see, and dive right through it, leaving us unable to think about anything else.
When this happens, it's time for some thought-dumping.
These thoughts are trying to tell you something. They feel ignored, they feel it's urgent, and the more you try and 'watch' them during meditation, the louder they will shout.
So trust them.
Trust that they have something really, crucially important that they need to say right now, even if it isn't immediately obvious. Your meditation sessions might be one of the only times they get an opportunity to speak during the day, so give them a voice.
Grab a pen and paper.
Grab a voice recorder.
Let them speak.
What they tell you might take only two sentences, it might keep you writing for an hour. But you'll know when they've finished, and that's when they'll let you get on with your day, unburdened.
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