The Best of November


It's the beginning of the month so it's time for a round-up of some of my favourite links from November that relate to our relationship with ourselves. Settle in, grab a cup of tea, and get ready for some kick-ass wisdom...-- "As far as I can recall, none of the adults in my life ever once remembered to say, “Some people have a thick skin and you don’t. Your heart is really open and that is going to cause pain, but that is an appropriate response to this world." - Anne Lamott and her beautiful excerpt about being the "overly-sensitive child".-- Actually, you're the guru - Danielle LaPorte. Her wisdom resonates with me... ;)-- Shauna Niequist writes about how "should" is a warning sign.-- NPR draws our attention to the fact that many people talk publicly about personal experiences after the fact, but many of us are living them right here, right now.-- As a huge fan of napping, walking, long showers and the Pomodoro Technique (and as a very happy non-TV owner), I love this post of simple suggestions around how to create space each day from Becoming Minimalist.-- Definitely read this from Sarah Von Bargen when you're feeling doubtful, unsure, and need a little pick-me-up to get back on your feet.-- "I made this for folks like me, many of whom are still living with shame, guilt, and fear (many of the responses I've received have mentioned similar suicide pacts). I'm aiming to get this out into the public consciousness, because while most facts people know actually come from hearing them in stories, updated information takes decades to filter back into new stories, as most writers cover the same ground with what they learned from others' stories. Eskimos don't have a crazy number of words for 'snow,' sharks don't have to keep swimming to live, Mister Rogers wasn't a fighter pilot, and victims of child sexual abuse don't become offenders. We'd need a new word to out-class the present epidemic if they did because the incidence stats are horrifying." - Dean Trippe, writing about Something Terrible-- How not to say the wrong thing to someone who is sick, in the middle of a breakup, financial woes, legal trouble, or otherwise challenging life events: use The Ring Theory.-- Useful tips from the trenches on how to shift the winter "bleh" and transition from coasting to just being.-- "If you're not in the arena, also getting your ass kicked, I'm not interested in your feedback." Brene Brown tells us to stop focusing on our critics in this inspiring video.-- Why do some abused and traumatised children grow up to be optimists, while others flounder in deeply-rooted pessimism? Psychotherapist Joseph Burgo tackles this question and offers some of his own experiences.-- Success isn't defined by how much you want it, it's defined by how much pain you're willing to sustain.-- Terri Cole provides some useful definitions and lines of self-questioning around shame and guilt.Image: Photo Credit: timsackton via Compfight cc