The Best of October


October was a rich month for web wisdom, internet insights, and generosity galore from some of my favourite blogs and sites. I've sifted through and collected my favourite reads from the last couple of weeks. There's a huge diversity in terms of tone, style, and length, but they all cast a fascinating perspective on our relationship with ourselves.

  • Martha Beck sharing 10 life lessons to unlearn: some expected, some surprising, all helpful reminders.
  • Sas Petherick talking about fears, flashbacks, and how even the most circuitous life journey is still a journey.
  • A fascinating discussion from novelist Jonathan Safran Foer on how “Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity” and how technology affects our ability to just be with ourselves.
  • Melissa Anzman writing about something most of us do but very few of us admit to: comparing ourselves with other people and the fallout that comes from doing so.
  • Esmé Wang declaring she will listen and speak out against mental illness-related discrimination. Will you?
  • More from Sas: read this when you need relief from the "shoulds" and the "have tos"
  • Jealousy: the much-maligned emotion that we really should curb. Or not, says Kelly Gorgone.
  • This gave me one of those lightbulb moments: how one simple question turns that frown upside down (via YesandYes, which is well worth checking out itself)

Photo Credit: Wonderlane via Compfight cc