This Is What Change Looks Like


Today, I want to tell you about a woman I spoke to earlier this year—let's call her Sally.Sally got in touch with me because she was struggling. She was unhappy with her eating habits and found herself getting stuck in a cycle of self-criticism. She'd tried and tried to get to the root of what was happening for her, but still found herself in a repeating cycle of over-eating, then feeling guilt and shame around it afterwards.We connected and spent ~50 minutes talking about this back in February.A couple of months after we spoke, Sally got in touch with an update about how she was getting on. With her permission, I'm sharing an excerpt from her here:"I want to thank you because I was desperate to find THE answer to stop this nonsense and I would look back for some moment in my past life, an event, a trauma, a person responsible for the roots of the problem. I thought I should start seeing a psychologist just to help me find the source of the problem so I could solve it and put an end to it.I believe I was partly looking outside of myself, which did not help, plus I was rejected a part of me, as if it's a disease. Acceptance is hard because it means admitting that I'm flawed, feeling like I am not good enough, feeling vulnerable, but it's the only way to reconcile and acknowledge myself as a whole. Then I can start to build on new grounds.Thank you again, who would've thought 45 minutes on Skype would change my perception and turn my life for the better." Wow.That. Is. Amazing. And I'm so excited for Sally.We first connected when I ran a week of complimentary coaching for people who were curious about what coaching is and what it can do for them. I offered this week back in Feb because I've had life-changing shifts and experiences like Sally's and I know just how powerful coaching can be.I also know how challenging it can be to step into that kind of relationship when you don't really know what you're getting into, or what's going to come out of it.I really want you to have the chance have a life-changing conversation, so I'm offering another batch of complimentary sessions over the next two weeks.These are no-pressure, no-obligation, and high impact. I don't do complimentary calls that are glorified sales pitches: my main intention is that you walk away with some new insights and juicy goodness to work with going forward.You'll find coaching useful if:

  • You started out 2014 with some great resolutions but now, half-way through the year, your enthusiasm has waned.
  • You're feeling stuck with a particular project, goal, or pattern in your life.
  • You have big dreams (BIG dreams) but you're finding it hard to summon the motivation and courage to make them happen.
  • Your inner critic is all over what you're doing right now, and it's getting you down.

During the call, we'll work on a goal or issue of your choice and you'll have the opportunity to ask anything you want about the process and how it could help you.It's first come first serve, so if you'd like to make the most of this opportunity click here to schedule your session and let's get chatting!(Over 18s and 1 session per person please. Thank you for respecting!) Image: Carli Jean Miller