Giving and Receiving


In the last post, we touched on some of the difficult feelings that can come out over the holidays. Today, we're going to talk about difficult feelings that can be hard to recognise because of the concepts with which they're associated.

Giving and receiving

Two things that are supposed to be delightful and generous, leaving us with an overall feeling of warmth and well-being.But that's not always the case.The concepts of giving and receiving come with their own anxieties, beliefs and fears that affect each of us in different ways. These concepts tap into beliefs about how much we deserve, whether our offerings will be perceived to be 'enough', and what other people's gifts to us mean. Will they come with expectations? With a sense of debt? Will they judge us if our gift is not deemed sufficiently reciprocal? Can we receive their gift with an open heart, even when it is not what we expected, when we feel it is too much, or not enough?When I say 'gifts', I don't just mean material goods. An open, intimate conversation, a cooked meal, a warm hug, a smile. These things can all be gifts if we are open to giving them, and open to receiving them from others.The holidays are a useful time to reflect on our relationship with giving and receiving. On what a gift is, and what a gift is not. A chance to examine our ideas of worth, our beliefs around value in relationshipsHow much are we able to give, and how much are we able to receive?How much are we willing to give and how much are we willing to receive?When we think about our approach, thoughts and beliefs around these concepts, we might not like what we find underneath. But that's OK: we're not here to judge or change anything, just to nurture awareness and acceptance of where we are right here, right now.Wherever you are, whatever you're thinking about today, I wish you a holiday season that is filled with peace and acceptance for yourself, because you are exactly who you need to be.All the best,Hannah x

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