Goodbye, December (& 2017!)

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Let’s say goodbye to the month that has been and get ready for the next with a roundup of 10 questions, recommended reading, and fun/useful links.Do you enjoy the blog posts, podcasts and resources here? Please consider supporting Becoming Who You Are on Patreon. Your support helps cover the costs of running this site and is hugely appreciated! Pledge as little as $1 a month and get immediate access to bonus content and audios.Friends, 2017 is basically over! What?! If you celebrate, I hope you have had a great holiday season in your part of the world. I've been spending time this week reviewing 2017 and thinking about my intentions, plans, and wishlist for the year ahead (plus setting up my bullet journal for 2018, yay!). This post marks a full year I've done these monthly wrap-ups. I started them on a whim in January and it's been delightful to watch them become one of the most popular features on Becoming Who You Are. So I'd love to hear from you: is there anything you'd like to see added to these Goodbye, .... posts for the new year? Let me know!Thanks for your support this year! Here's to a wonderful 2018 :)

10 Questions for you


  1. What were the highlights of this month?

  2. What was a valuable lesson you learned this month?

  3. What can you celebrate from December?

  4. What are you most grateful for from this month?

  5. How did you grow this month? How is the you of today different than the you from the 1st December?


  1. How can you introduce more fun into your January?

  2. What is one thing you'd like to start doing next month?

  3. And one thing you'd like to stop doing?

  4. What is one thing you could do or create during January that would make this month an awesome start to the year?

  5. What is one story you're telling yourself that you'd like to change this month? What will you change it to?

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Resource of the month: The Foundations of Wellbeing

In this guided, step-by-step program, Rick Hanson, Ph.D. shows you how to use the science of positive neuroplasticity to turn ordinary experiences into powerful inner strengths such as self-compassion, grit, and mindfulness - so you can build an unshakable core of calm, strength, and happiness.Rick is a Senior Fellow of the Greater Good Science Center at UC Berkeley, and invited speaker at Oxford, Harvard, and Stanford universities. He’s also the New York Times bestselling author of Buddha’s BrainHardwiring Happiness, and Just One Thing, a neuropsychologist, meditation teacher, and very down-to-earth, practical, and warm-hearted guy.Each week in the Foundations program,  you'll learn practical, effective ways to see more of the good in your life, and grow greater calm, contentment, and confidence from the inside out. With insightful talks, guided practices, self-assessment quizzes, guest-expert interviews, creative activities, and live-streamed Q&As with Rick, you'll have everything you need to handle life's challenges.The program starts on January 2, 2018 and comes with a money-back guarantee. Start feeling less stressed or worried, become more mindful and grateful, free yourself from past painful experiences, and experience more pleasure and joy in daily life, with the Foundations of Well-Being program.(This is an affiliate link, which means if you decide to register for the program, I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.)

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Aaaaaand a friendly reminder...

The Year of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts for Creative Self-Discovery by Hannah Braime

The Year of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts for Creative Self-Discovery by Hannah Braime

The Year of You: 365 Journal Writing Prompts for Creative Self-Discoveryis available now in ebook and paperback. Until January 2nd, you can also enter my Goodreads Giveaway to win a paperback copy! The giveaway is open to everyone, wherever you are in the world, so why not have a go? :)The Year of You is an invitation to discover more about yourself, become more conscious about what you want, and create a rich and fulfilling life through one journaling prompt a day.With this book, you can take the guess work out of journaling and use the monthly themes to explore and unpack the most important aspects of your life and your being. Whether you're new to journaling or have enjoyed a reflective writing practice for some time, The Year of You offers a wealth of inspiration that will deepen your understanding and awareness of what makes you who you are.P.S. There's still time to order the paperback version as a guided journal for the new year!Wishing you a Happy New Year and a wonderful January! Photo by Chinda Sam on Unsplash