Goodbye January (and Hello Patreon!)


Let's say goodbye to the month that has been and get ready for the next with a roundup of 10 questions, recommended reading, and fun/useful links.January has been my first month back working on Becoming Who You Are since my daughter was born last year. Like all big transitions, her arrival has had a (positive) impact on every aspect of my life, including this site. After being in a baby bubble for the last few months, it's been invigorating to start easing back into planning and writing again, excited by the possibilities that lie ahead. I'm back at work on my upcoming book about self-kindness, cooking up content I think you're going to love, and can't wait to share all of this with you soon!On Friday, I'll be launching a Patreon for Becoming Who You Are. If you're not already familiar with Patreon, it's like an ongoing Kickstarter: a way for you to support Becoming Who You Are from just $1 per month and get some super duper perks and rewards as a thank you. I'll be sharing more later this week. In the meantime, let's wrap up this month!

10 Questions for you

January:1. What went well?2. What was challenging?3. What lessons did you learn this month?4. What surprised you this month?5. Is there anything left over from this month you'd benefit from making peace with?February:6. What qualities are you committed to embodying in February?7. what is one thing you avoided or ignored or took a backseat in January that you’re going to face head on this month?8. What one thing can you do that will leave you feeling proud at the end of the month?9. How do you want to feel this month?10. What can you do to generate those feelings?

Articles of the month

Quote of the Month

-The voice in your head is not who you are. It’s just an excitable commentator. You are the game.-(From this article)

Book of the Month

there is no good card for this by Kelsey Crowe and Emily McDowellThere is No Good Card for This: What to Say and Do When Life is Scary, Awful and Unfair to People You Love is a much-needed guide to dealing with challenging life stuff in a compassionate and constructive way. If—like me—you often feel like you struggle to know what to say in response to other people's bad news and end up either saying nothing at all (and feeling awful about it) or doing/saying something that leaves you cringing later (did that sound condescending and trite? Did they take it the way I meant it?) this book is for you. Not only does it contain useful exercises for working through our own psychological blocks to vulnerability and fear of saying the wrong thing, the subsequent chapters are a useful guide to supporting people through a myriad of challenging situations that will touch most of us at one point or another.Check out the book here.

Useful tool of the month

dayoneI've been using Day One daily this month to keep a "three things" gratitude journal and make notes about things that have happened each day (with a fast-growing baby, it's a lovely way of capturing moments and memories that would otherwise be forgotten). I love it!You can create multiple journals, add images and metadata (like a map of your location and weather) to each entry, and it's easy to back everything up to the cloud so you won't lose your data. The app has lots of other features too, it's simple to use and beautifully designed.

In case you missed it...

Have a great February! Image: Abigail Keenan