How to Be Alone


Do you know how to be alone?What does it even mean to know "how" to be alone?The answer to that question lies in the intention.If we are alone because it helps us re-energise, focus, rejuvenate, regain our energy, think, get clarity, we're certainly on the right track.If we are alone - or avoid being alone - out of fear, we do not know how to be alone (and yes, we've all been there, even if it's hard to admit it).There's a lot to be said for spending time getting to know yourself, and that involves spending time alone.Not time alone with the computerNot time alone on FacebookNot time alone in front of the TVOr even with a good book (although part of me wants to argue that one)Time alone with our thoughts. Time alone to listen to what's happening internally. Time to reconnect and say "Hey, how's it going?"Time for self-careTime for journalingTime for ourselves.That's how to spend time alone. do you spend your time alone? Leave a comment and let me know. 

Image: Pink Sherbet Photography