Kind and Creative #1


 Here's what I've been loving this week:WatchingI skipped my graduation ceremony, but would have 100% attended to hear this speech.Look up.ReadingYou can do hard things via Nona Jordan.What you see. Dance parties for all!Searching for false truth from a minimalist perspective.Sarah Von Bargen has some words for wisdom for anyone who has wondered what self-love really means, and for those of us who were taught the "waste not, want not" approach to food.Do you experience FOMO? Here are 30+ mantras for people who over-work, over-commit, and are generally terrified of missing out via Alexandra Franzen."But how do we find this sense of integrity in our lives, particularly when work-stress seems to creep home with us no matter what? (Note: Smart phones don't help with this.) The answer: self-care."A step-by-step guide to creating an at-home retreat? Yes please (via Kyla Roma)."The only common framework you and your body have at this point are your actions and the pattern you set it that it “listens” to. Imagine how terrifying it is for your body to at one point receive so much food that it can’t deal with it and at another, when you suddenly decide to diet, get what it feels to be nothing at all for weeks on end. So, instead of having a productive dialog where both parties can be happy with the process and the results, you instead each have two halves of a puzzle and no way of putting them together." from How to Make Your Body Listen by Neila Rey (her workouts also totally rock)Inspired by...Cory, who is thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail. It's a long way, and he's sharing his experiences and pictures on his blog.The Making Waves essay contest (open until June 20th!), an essay competition on how we make waves or traverse stormy seas in life, run by Jenn, Rachel, Alicia and Erika.