Kind and Creative #2



"Instead of asking what you should DO to be happy, ask yourself 'who do I need to be in order to feel happiness /confidence /success?'" Additional Questions to Spark Self-Discovery (no. 7 is my favourite)Each week, I check in with myself about my Core Desired Feelings a la The Desire Map, but I'm looking forward to adding a few of these questions into my weekly check-in too.Those "30 things you need to start doing if you want X" posts are usually pretty generic, however this one offers some sage advice.Need to forgive yourself for something? Here's the healthy way to do it."Every quest is a journey, every journey a story. Every story, in turn, has a moral." Brainpickings' summary of Lost Cat is beautiful, cute, and funny.I'm keeping this bookmarked for next time I walk into a stationery shop: 3 questions to ask yourself before buying anything.


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And, if I had an iPhone...

Lucent Meditation AppHappy weekend!What are you reading/listening to/loving this week?