Kind & Creative #3 (Introvert Special!)



Do you find it hard to make room for alone time? Here are some helpful responses when you need to kindly but firmly assert your boundaries.Honouring your need for alone time with others is one thing, but do you honour it yourself? In times of need, Kathryn Hall provides a healthy dose of self-acceptance.While not all introverts find it hard not to absorb other people's emotions, a lot of people who identify as a "Highly Sensitive Person". This article provides some useful practical suggestions for how to identify and avoid emotional vampires and protect your boundaries.Here's one for you entrepreneurs and freelancers who tread the thin line between enjoying alone time and feeling lonely: How to Be an Introvert and Work From Home (Without Becoming a Hermit)As introverts, we have a lot more going on inside than we often let on. This post on reclaiming your inner treasure from your shadow side advocates embracing our introversion and recognising that quiet can be powerful.


Vivienne McMaster is encouraging us to cultivate more self-love through photography with the Summer of "Selfie"-Love, a guided course where you capture the visual story of your life.