Kind & Creative #5



When someone has behaved in an eye-rolling or tear-inducing way I say to myself: "You've shown me the type of person you are and I will adjust my expectations and behavior accordingly." — What to Do When People Disappoint You via Sarah Von Bargen from Yes&Yes.Do you shrink from celebration? Are you diminishing your joy? Rachel MacDonald shares her and her readers' experiences, plus some great tips on how to turn it all around.One for my fellow 'preneurs: Corrina Gordon-Barnes shares her advice on How to Hold Your Business Together When Life Is Falling Apart.This is both sweet and awesome, and I'm totally trying it out: How a Password Changed My Life."Allow yourself to really know that you are able to do you best work when you have space and time to take care of your personal needs." As someone who constantly struggles to feel like I'm doing "enough" for my business, this article on Morning Rituals for Heart-Centred Entrepreneurs from Mara Glatzel hit the spot.


What might be different if you stopped apologising for things you didn't need to apologise for? It's suuuper cheesy and just a lil' bit biased (after all, this applies to men too), but this video makes a point.

Do a Good Deed

Amy Clover is raising money for the Strong Inside Out Tour, where she'll be teaching fitness classes in major cities across the US to raise money for non-profit To Write Love on Her Arms.

For Funsies

A glassblower + creativity = what do bottled up emotions really look like?This veggie "pasta" is so unbelievably tasty and healthy to boot.Looking for a good read this weekend? Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie is touching, fascinating, and hard to put down.Happy weekend!