Leah Dieterich - THXTHXTHX: A Thank You Note A Day

I've talked a bit about gratitude before in this post but hey, you can never be too grateful for gratitude. THXTHXTHX is a gorgeous website that has left me feeling warm and fuzzy every time I look at it. Described as a 'daily exercise in gratitude', this is the concept behind the blog: 'Leah Dieterich's mother always told her to write thank you notes. So she does. To everything.'Even though I know very little about Leah, I still love this site for its openness and, well, gratitude. Writing at least one card a day, she proves we don't have to have some momentous event happen in order to feel gratitude. Nothing needs to change, we can just be grateful for what is.A Daily ExerciseWhat would happen if we wrote one thank you note every day? Nothing big, just enough to say what we want to say. It's definitely an exercise I'm going to try. Here goes:Thank you Geoffrey (my visiting mouse) for a) being indestructible and b) have a personality. You've studiously avoided the box trap full of food that I set a week ago (not a peanut butter fan?), but I like that you still popped out last night to say hello and let me know you're still here. I know you'll have to go eventually, but for now I appreciate the entertainment value.Best,HannahWhat would your note say today?Leah's blog is here and you can find out more about the thoughts behind THXTHXTHX in this interview