Not to Be Missed: The 2014 Journaling Expo


As you probably know by now, journaling is a huge passion of mine and for good reason—I give it a lot of credit for getting me out of the dark pit of 2007, and for supporting me through much of what I've done since then. Without a doubt, it's been one of the most important tools for improving my relationship with myself.That's why I'm delighted that journaling now has its very own virtual conference. The second annual Journaling Expo is taking place on Sunday January 12th 2014 from 1pm-4pm EST.If you want to finish up your weekend feeling invigorated, inspired, and brimming with ideas and enthusiasm for this valuable personal development practice, this is the place to be.What's more is that this event is free and you can take part from the comfort of your living room. Everything will be live-streamed online, so you can tune in wherever you are and take part.

What can you expect from the Journaling Expo?

Whether you're curious about journaling, dabble seasonally, or are already inseparable from your beloved journal, you'll love the talks lined up for this year's conference. I'll be giving a presentation on "A Friend When We Most Need It: Overcoming Resistance to Journaling and Embracing Our Stories", where I'll talk about cultivating a regular journaling practice with kind and compassionate self-discipline.I'm honoured to be speaking alongside some big names in the journaling world, including Nathan Ohren (host of Journal Talk podcast, which is currently nominated in the health and fitness category at this year's Podcast Awards), and Lynda Monk, who will be talking about a topic very close to my heart: journaling and self-care.The event is hosted by Mari McCarthy, who was kind enough to share her journaling insights and wisdom on the Becoming Who You Are podcast in August. As well as the presentations, you can expect quizzes, prizes, and the chance to meet and chat with fellow journaling enthusiasts.I am so excited about this event. Journaling has changed my life—and I don't throw those kinds of words around lightly. It's one of my favourite things to talk about, think about, write about, and, most importantly to do. I'm so looking forward to spending an afternoon on non-stop journaling-related conversation and I know that you'll get a huge amount of value out of joining me there.

How to Join

Don't miss out on this chance to be part of the biggest journaling event of 2014. Sign up for free today.Do you know someone who might love the Journaling Expo as much as you will? You can help spread the word by clicking here and sharing the tweet below:"I'm joining @becomewhour at the 2014 Journaling Expo on 12th Jan 2014! Register online for free: #journaling"I look forward to "seeing" you there!