Resource of the Month: Q&A a Day 5-Year Journal


This year, one of my Christmas gifts was a Q & A a Day: 5-Year Journal by Potter Style.Do my friends know me well or what.It looks like a bible, but it provides infinitely more self-knowledge - and in only a few minutes each day (just like 4 Weeks of Self-Knowledge). As the name suggests, the Q&A a Day 5-Year Journal asks a question each day for 365 days. Once you reach the end of the year, you go back to the beginning and complete the answers again.For four more years.How cool is that?!IMG_0206The questions cover everything, from the little details ("What was the last restaurant you ate at?", "What are you reading right now?"), to life's profound questions ("Can people change?", "What is your mission?"). When the book is completed, you'll have five years of content - 1825 answers - to look back on.Each question has four lines for your answer, so it doesn't take long. I've decided not to peek ahead so I get a surprise each morning.

The journal is available through Amazon and is the perfect whether you're just getting started with journaling, or already have a regular practice. In my (somewhat biased) opinion, it's the perfect companion to The Ultimate Guide to Journaling...

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