Something for the Weekend #2


Something for the Weekend is a new round-up of authenticity-related goodness from the web. It’s far better for your emotional well-being than the Sunday papers and features a selection of the good, the inspirational and the quirky from the last seven days.Enjoy!

Authentic Beliefs and Emotions

This article on The Link Between Focusing on Yourself and Depression by Dr Amy Johnson jibed with something I've been thinking about myself recently; that sometimes it's possible to become too internally-focused and forget that our experience is part of being human. Whatever we feel, whatever we've experienced, we're never alone in that. Understanding is important, and so is living."...when we’re attached, we begin to label things as good or bad, winning or losing, succeeding or failing. An outcome other than what we envisioned (attached ourselves to) is deemed a failure. This is when I turn to a mantra that has probably saved my sanity and my business:I am open to outcome, not attached.This has allowed me to take risks, learn from an often unexpected outcome, and move on, while keeping my sanity and my ego (mostly) intact."We've all gone through those times when we've felt stuck in a big, muddy rut, with no out in sight. I loved Beth Buelow's insights into attachment and getting stuck in her article on What to Do if You Have Static Cling.

Authentic Working

Speaking of stuckness, if you're struggling with a creative project right now, here are 5 Tips to Jumpstart Your Creativity from Mashable.

Authentic Relationships

I loved this simple yet awesome guide on How to Say No to Anything Ever by Alexandra Franzen.Can you identify with being a "fixer"? I certainly can, which is why I found 3 Little Words That Will Change Your Life Forever (another great article from Beth Buelow) so thought-provoking.

Authentic Lifestyle

Sell Your Crap. Pay Your Debt. Do What You Love by Adam Baker is a barn-stormer of a TED talk that asks you the question "What does freedom mean to you?" and shows what he did with his answer.Finally, chill out with A Mini Guide to Modern Meditation and Letting Go from MindBodyGreen. A little woo, but like all these things, it's good to cherry-pick the parts that work for you and leave those that don't :)

Make Use Of

A Life Less Bullshit - Nicole Antoinette has done some seriously gutsy stuff, like go from couch potato to marathon runner, quit sugar, caffeine, alcohol and dairy and she dishes out BS-free advice on how to achieve your life goals.