Something for the Weekend #3


Something for the Weekend is a weekly round-up of authenticity-related goodness from the web. Far better for your emotional well-being than the Sunday papers, SFTW features a selection of the good, the inspirational and the quirky. This week, I've been giving my Instapaper account a long-overdue clear out. Some of the following links are several months old, but just as valuable as the day they were published.Enjoy!

Authentic Working

"Make good art." - Neil Gaiman's advice to new UArts graduates in this now-infamous commencement speech. I dare you not to be inspired by this (transcript available here).

Authentic Lifestyle

Love Pinterest? Me too. Greatist backs up the value of using vision boards to get clear on goals and dreams in their admirably non-woo article #WTF Is A Vision Board?

Authentic Relationships

This article is more about work than relationships, but the lesson within is relevant to many different contexts: if someone doesn't like your dancing, go dance for someone else.

Authentic Beliefs and Emotions

A short but inspiring video from Sam Harris, who explains that Your Mind is All You Have and that's a beautiful thing."Your feelings will not kill you" and nine other phrases of wisdom to remind yourself on a daily basis from Madison Sonnier.This Psychology Today article is several months old now, but it makes for fascinating reading around why the pursuit of happiness might leave you feeling lonely. One of my personal philosophies is that it's more important to me to be real than it is to be happy. As this article illustrates, placing value on 'being happy' is troublesome, as when we experience opposing emotions, this jars with our concept of how we should be and can leave us feeling worse that if we didn't place such value on happiness in the first place.On a related note, have you tried expressing gratitude when things feel like they're falling apart? Kate Swoboda from Your Courageous Life did, and wrote about the results.

Just Because...

I enjoyed reading this moving article from the NY Times about a couple who found their son on the New York subway