Something for the Weekend #6


Something for the Weekend is a weekly round-up of authenticity-related goodness from the web and IRL.Far better for your emotional well-being than the Sunday papers, SFTW features a selection of the good, the inspirational and the quirky. I hope these links entertain and inspire you as much as they did me. Enjoy!

Authentic Emotions

"Happy, flourishing people don't hide from negative emotions. They acknowledge that life is full of disappointments and confront them head on, often using feelings of anger effectively to stick up for themselves or those of guilt as motivation to change their own behavior"... How to be happy is one of the most fundamental questions we face as human beings. This article from Psychology Today highlights some interesting trends among people who have are 'happy'.On a similar note, Amy Clover's article "You've Got Stay Strong All Wrong" shows how the meaning we attach to this popular cliche is completely ass-backwards.

Authentic Working

We've all ended a workday at one point of another thinking "Where did the last 8/10 hours just go?!"... and having nothing to show for it. The Build Network shared a helpful infographic that offers short-term and long-term solutions for various productivity-related problems.

Authentic Lifestyle

Addictions can span a multitude of activities, from drugs, to alcohol and even classical music. This weekend, I'm joining the Psychology book club in a conversation about the illuminating book In the Realm of Hungry Ghostsby Dr Gabor Mate.

Authentic Relationships

This past week, I went to see Brene Brown talk in London. It was a-w-e-s-o-m-e. I so recommend checking out her book Daring Greatly and, if you haven't already, watching her now-infamous TED talk on shame and vulnerability.

Just because...

In March of this year, Coca-Cola created a surprisingly heart-warming publicity stunt by placing "small world machines" in India and Pakistan and encouraging people from one country to connect with people from the other. It's a moving video well worth the 3-minute watch: Coca-Cola Small World Machines