Something for the Weekend #7


Something for the Weekend is a weekly round-up of authenticity-related goodness from the web and IRL.Far better for your emotional well-being than the Sunday papers, SFTW features a selection of the good, the inspirational and the quirky. I hope these links entertain and inspire you as much as they did me. Enjoy!

Authentic Emotions

Having just returned from a beautifully sunny Mexico to a rather grim British summer, nostalgia is a relevant topic for me right now... As this NY Times article points out, contrary to popular belief, researchers think that nostalgia is actually good for us.Would you describe yourself as an optimist or a pessimist? This article from Pick the Brain highlights five key ways optimism and pessimism influences your outlook on life.

Authentic Working

Lifehacker offers some no-nonsense tips for adults who don't want to waste a single one of their 25,000 mornings

Authentic Lifestyle

What is normal? This post from The Simple Dollar casts an illuminating perspective over our concept of 'normal' and its connection to buying. On a related note, Nora from The Professional Hobo discusses the concept of 'ordinary' in her post Why "Settle Down" is a bad word... Or Not.Having gone to my first group meditation this week, this article from Psychology Today on the benefits of mindfully controlling your breathing caught my eye. Spoiler alert: there are several, and they're all worth a few minutes practice a day.Happy weekend!