Something for the Weekend #9


Something for the Weekend is a weekly round-up of authenticity-related goodness from the web and IRL.Far better for your emotional well-being than the Sunday papers, SFTW features a selection of the good, the inspirational and the quirky. I hope these links entertain and inspire you as much as they did me. Enjoy!Authentic WorkingDo you ever find your attention wandering to more interesting but less relevant thoughts during your work day? You might enjoy this article from Greater Good, which explains the neurological process behind mind-wandering and what we can do to reduce impromptu day-dreaming.Ashley Ambirge from The Middle Finger Project delivers a short but sweet sermon on how worst case scenarios are actually a gift, highlighting what needs our attention.Authentic BeliefsThis interesting piece by Mariana Caplin focuses on spirituality, however most, if not all, of the points she makes apply to the personal development world too. My favourites: there is no quick fix, and there's no destination at which we 'arrive'. Right on.These kinds of articles always make me uncomfortable because they're never fair. I know I shouldn't take it so personally but after reading them I just know I'm a total failure and my friends are going to read this and say "Oh wow, this could have been written about Hannah because she does all of these thing" and then never talk to me again...Take a look at this list of cognitive distortions from Pick the Brain and see how many I'm playing out in the paragraph above!Authentic LifestyleRevel in what you've achieved and acknowledge that you have arrived: two of Amy Clover's great tips in this post on "Arriving" at your goals.While I was in South America last winter, I came across a few people who had very strong notions of the 'right' way to travel (i.e. their way). I have a live and let live approach to those sorts of things, so found that whole approach a wee bit grating after a while. That's why I loved this week's blog post from Marianne Cantwell. In it, she explains why she doesn't give a damn about living unconventionally, and that true freedom is found in carving your own path through life, not following someone else's. Too right, Marianne!Happy weekend!