The Power of Self-Kindness: Workbook and Large Print Editions


I'm excited to share that two new editions of The Power of Self-Kindness are available now: workbook and large print!

POSK workbook.jpg

The workbook

The workbook edition contains all the text of the original book, plus additional questions and space to write your reflections as you work through the book.

The workbook is available in two formats:

Paperback: available through Amazon or to order through your local bookstore

Printable PDF/Digital workbook: available here

Please note, with the digital version, you won't receive a physical product. The fillable PDF can be used in your PDF reader or with a tablet and stylus.


Large Print edition

The large print edition is for readers who have additional visual needs (for example, visual impairment or dyslexia). The book has been reformatted with features like larger font, bigger margins, central alignment, bold instead of italics for emphasis, cream pages, and other features that are designed to make the reading experience easier.

The large print edition is available to order through your local bookstore or online here.

About the book

Even if you call it by a different name, you need no introduction to your inner critic.

This is the voice – or voices – who can take you down a peg or two (or several) with one well-aimed blow. Our inner critics seems to know exactly what to say and when to say it for maximum effect. It’s a master of the psychological KO, leaving us feeling like the smallest, most flawed, most disempowered version of ourselves.

You’ve tried everything to tame your inner critic: ignoring it, calling names and telling it to shut up. But none of those approaches have worked.

Now, it’s time to stop fighting yourself.

In The Power of Self-Kindness: How to Transform Your Relationship With Your Inner Critic, you’ll discover a radical approach to healing your relationship with your inner critic and yourself, one based on understanding, self-acceptance and self-compassion.

Using a combination of theory, insight and reflective practices, you’ll learn where your critic comes from and how to look beyond its destructive words to uncover the real message underneath. You’ll develop techniques that will help you question your critic’s stories and become more mindful of how these stories impact your life. You’ll also learn how to turn up the volume on the inner critic’s positive counterpart – the inner mentor – a wise inner guiding light invested in your growth and wellbeing.

Whether you’ve been struggling with your inner critic for a long time or are at the beginning of your self-kindness journey, this book offers a range of approaches and suggestions you can use to mend the most important relationship in your life: the one with yourself.

Interested in the workbook or large print editions of From Coping to Thriving: How to Turn Self-Care Into a Way of Life? These are now available! Find out more here.