Things don't Change


When I first got to Mexico and walked into a bathroom, I was disgusted. You put toilet paper in the bin? So gross.I thought I would never get used to it. Then and there, I decided that I couldn't live in Mexico. How could anyone spend an extended amount of time in a place where people put used toilet paper in the bin? And not a proper sanitary-towel style bin either. Just a bin, flip-top or even an open waste-paper style basket. It's wrong.When we got home, I had to stop myself putting the toilet paper in the bin. I had to remind myself that people in the UK probably wouldn’t like that.And it showed me how we change. The facts are still the same: in Mexico, we still put toilet paper in the bin. In the UK, we still put it in the toilet.But - call me crazy - I kind of like the bin thing now. It tells me I’m in Mexico. It’s one of the quirks that makes me feel like I’m really there.Things haven’t changed, I have.That's the thing about things: they don't change, but we do.If we're not happy with something, it doesn't just disappear. We make a decision: either we accept the thing as it is, we change, or we walk away.What changes have you been waiting for?Photo Credit: Jeff Kubina via Compfight cc