To Be Alive: David K. Reynolds on Constructive Living


To be alive"Because we livewe have desires and hopes.Because we have desires and hopeswe have fears of failingto achieve them in the futureand memories of having failedto achieve themin the past.How can we cope with the realitythat our desires and dreamsalways extendbeyond our abilitiesto attain them?No amount of effort works satisfactorily;no direct approach to the problem succeeds.We hit the dead end of impossibility.What is there to do?The remarkable keyis to give upon trying to solvethe dilemma altogether.In other words,we recognize the discrepancybetween what we wantand who we are (what we can achieve)and accept it.We recognize the feelingsof anxiety and inadequacythat come with living,and accept them.There is no need to fight,no need to wish lifewould be otherwisethan it is.We are just fine as we are.Once (not really once,but over and over again)we recognize that naturalnessof this reality of discrepancywe can go about directing our attention and effortstoward doing what is possible.We can begin to liverealistically and constructivelywithin the limits and potentialsthat life offers us.There has been no problem all along,except for the one we created in our minds.There is onlya naturally expansive set of desires,a naturally limited set of abilitiesto achieve them,and a pressureto achieve all of them.To be aliveis to need,to succeed andto fail.To be sometimes anxiousand sometimes confident.Sometimes regretfuland sometimes satisfied.Life is just fine like that."David K. Reynolds, founder of Constructive Living Image: Pink Sherbet Photography