What are You Waiting For?


I've updated my RSS feed. To ensure you still get updates, please add http://feeds.feedblitz.com/becomingwhoyouare to your feed reader. Thanks!**********New Year's Resolutions do not work.Perhaps they provide the initial stimulus and motivation needed to develop a long-term habit for some. For the vast majority of us, however, what starts as enthusiasm, excitement and determination soon peters out into resistance, procrastination, mild embarrassment and even shame.


Because resolutions focus on something that we feel we need to wait for.We want to lose weight, we want to get fit, we want to give up on something, we want to start something.But we don't just do these things. We feel we need to wait for the start of a new year first. That's why they're more likely to fade out.

Do these sound familiar?

“I’ll get into Personal Development when I have more time/more money/less strife/more energy.""I'll start running regularly when I get some proper running gear.""I'll start doing a home yoga practice once I get a new mat.""I'll start journaling once I've found the perfect notebook."I've been here many times over (especially with the running). And, of course we know deep down that having new gear, a new mat or the perfect notebook is not going to make or break our habit in the long term.It's the way that our internal resistance to change stalls for time.There will always be a reason part of us wants to delay doing and keep waiting. Because trying new things is scary. They might not turn out the way we hoped, we might be laughed at, we might - gulp - fail.

"There’s tremendous power in putting your ass where your heart wants to be." - Stephen Pressfield.

This year, you have permission to make changes, build new positive habits, experiment and try new things.Not because it's a new year (it's actually more helpful if you don't think about the fact it's a new year), but because you want to. 

What your internal resistance to change doesn't want to hear:

If you've been thinking of starting something, stopping something or changing something for a while, you will have all the information and tools to start now. That's right: no fancy accessories, no new get up, you already have everything you need to take the first steps.Trust yourself to know when you’re ready and go for it.What are you starting? I want to hear about it. Leave a comment and let us know.Image: TheeErin