What is Adversity Anyway?

We all face it in varying forms at some point in our lives.Adversity.What does that word mean to you?To me, it's an obstacle of some kind, a situation or event that prevents you travelling smoothly from A to B in life.Different people handle adversity in different ways: some give up completely, some keep going. You either get through it or you don't.The thing about adversity is that it's not a thing, it's not tangible.Adversity is a state of mind.I look back on times of 'adversity' in retrospect; when they're happening, it's just 'life'. When I think about those times, I'm proud of past Hannah. There were bumps in the road, she made some mistakes, but she knew where she wanted to get to:Happiness.Purpose.Personal freedom.Those things are always works in progress.Shit happens, it's how you respond that makes a difference. Today, I've read this article and watched the TED talk below. They are by two different people and cover two very different topics.The one thing they do have in common is ass-kicking adversity.Aimee Mullins and Jodi Ettenberg have faced their fair share of adversity, whether through choice or life's cards. Adversity can arise through having something (illness, a pair of ovaries) or not having something (legs). It can be physical, practical or emotional.What these two women make clear is that overcoming adversity is not fate, it's a choice.What is your definition of adversity and how have you overcome it in the past? I look forward to hearing your thoughts!P.S. My latest adversity ('It's all a state of mind, it's all a state of mind...') is coming up this Sunday, when I'll be raising money for the British Heart Foundation by cycling from London to Brighton. To celebrate, 50% of any site donations between now and next Monday will go to this worthy cause.