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Have You Lost Your Creative Joy?

This post is slightly different to usual. I’ve written it primarily for creative entrepreneurs and business-owners (writers/musicians/artists/insert your craft here) but the overall message is still relevant to anyone who wants to live a more intentional life, whether you consider […]

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The One Question You Need to Ask if You’re Struggling with Change

Change. Goals. Shifts. Transformation. Whatever way you choose to describe it, it’s all pretty much the same deal: Right now, we’re at point A. Shift happens. We end up at point B. So far, so good…. except, it rarely happens […]

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Episode 55: 14 Big Ideas from the Becoming Who You Are Podcast

This episode is a summary of some of the big ideas we’ve discussed on the Becoming Who You Are podcast so far. I’ve been lucky enough to talk to some wonderfully wise and experienced people over the past few months, […]

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Self-care: An Important Reminder

Hello friends! Today we have a special guest post by Joanna LK Moore from Twisted Sleeve. If you’d like to submit a guest post, I’d love to hear from you! Click here for more info. While for most people outside […]

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Are You a Busy-holic? How to Free Yourself from the Grip of Overwhelm and Reclaim Your Life

Last week, I wrote about six ways that being busy can ruin your life. Among other things, I talked about how being busy isn’t the same as being productive, how it encourages us to seek external validation, and, most importantly, […]

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The Secret Ingredient That Helps Me Thrive

From Coping to Thriving is a six-week journey that will teach you how to turn your coping strategies into self-caring behaviours, leaving behind struggle and learning to thrive. This post is part of the Thriving Blog Tour, which is spreading […]

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6 Ways Being Busy Can Ruin Your Life

It’s time for a pep talk. It’s been a long time coming, and we both know why: This obsession with being “busy”. I get it: we’re brought up to believe that being busy is virtuous. If we’re not busy, we’re […]

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Introducing: The Thriving Blog Tour!

Connection and growth are two of my core values, which is why I’m delighted to announce that today is the first day of the Thriving Blog Tour! The blog tour is running between 24th (today) and 31st March and features […]

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Episode 54: Healing Your Relationship with Food with Kendra Tanner

This episode of the podcast is an interview with food coach Kendra Tanner. It’s an exclusive guest interview from my upcoming course, From Coping to Thriving, however I wanted to share it with you here too because I think the […]

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Becoming Who You Are is Looking for an Intern. Will it be you?

I’m looking for a passionate, ambitious, and visionary intern to help me spread the message of self-kindness even further. The internship will be for one day a week and will last for three months initially. What were you doing in […]

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