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Recommended Reading: June

I missed sharing my favourite personal development books for May as I was in Berlin this time last month, but here are June’s picks (Take a peek at my full reading list here).               Favourite? […]

Is Your Life Full of Drama? Here’s How to Stop the Cycle.

Last month, I read The Power of TED by David Emerald and loved it. The book contains so many useful ideas and lightbulb moments, I made a short video series covering some of the key points. Watch below for a […]

Reflections on Alive in Berlin & a New Online Home for Makers and Doers

I first heard about the Alive in Berlin conference early last year. Talked about as Europe’s answer to WDS, it was very cool to hear about a personal development conference that catered to those of us on this side of the […]

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#85: How to Create a Deeper Sense of Meaning and Purpose in Your Life

If you want to create a deeper sense of meaning and purpose in your life (but get sidetracked by all the wonky purpose-finding advice out there), this week’s episode is for you. I’m going to share a couple of ideas […]

How to Boost Your Confidence (in a Non-Icky Way)

A couple of weeks ago, I hosted a workshop at the Alive in Berlin conference. It was totally fun and fulfilling and, until a few minutes into the presentation when I started to relax, I was also eyeing the door and half-wondering whether it […]

#84: Balancing Goals and Self-Care with Kyla Roma

In this week’s podcast, I’m chatting to the lovely Kyla Roma. Kyla is a web designer, business coach and digital strategist who helps goal-oriented bloggers, freelancers and creative business owners get to the “OH!” and “YES!” moments in their businesses – […]

What Makes You Who You Are?

This was the question that started this website: what makes us who we are? What turns us into who we’re not? And how do we bridge the gap between the two? “What makes you you?” is a huge question with many possible answers, […]

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#83: Reconnecting with Your Original Impulse with Cynthia Morris

In this week’s podcast, I’m delighted to welcome Cynthia Morris. An author, artist and business owner, Cynthia Morris has learned how to love being at the scary creative edge. She knows firsthand what it takes to finish and ship books, art, businesses […]

#82: Creating a Movement with Jana Schuberth, Founder of Alive in Berlin

In this week’s podcast, I’m talking to the lovely Jana Schuberth. Jana is the host and creator of Alive in Berlin, a global gathering of world changers in Europe’s most exciting city happening 29th and 30th May. She has built her  global […]

What If You Tear It All down and Start Again?

For the last six months, I’ve been craving change. Change that reflects how my business has evolved, how I’ve evolved, and where I see this heading next. I’ve felt a yearning for greater transparency, a slightly different focus, a different way of coaching, […]