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#77: From Grief to Gratitude with Eli Trier

Click to listen to this inspiring conversation with Eli Trier about living with depression and shifting from grief to gratitude >>> |

KeMvtxpl_400x400In this week’s podcast episode, I’m talking to Eli Trier about how to cultivate a nurturing appreciation practice. Eli is an artist and an author of grown-up illustrated books for dreamers and adventurers. After experiencing depression, she was drawn to creating art again and started The Gratitude Project, which combined her love for art and an appreciation for all the good things in her life.

The episode: From grief to gratitude with Eli Trier

Topics we discuss include:

  • How Eli used an intentional gratitude practice while experiencing depression
  • How to find the gold in challenging situations using powerful questions
  • How committing to a regular appreciation practice transformed Eli’s perception of her life
  • How you can cultivate an effective practice yourself
…and much more!

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Eli is kindly gifting Becoming Who You Are listeners a sample chapter from her book, The Gratitude Project. Click here to download it.

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