#110: How to Overcome the Most Common Obstacles to Self Care


This episode of the Becoming Who You Are podcast is an excerpt from the audiobook version of From Coping to Thriving: How to Turn Self-Care Into a Way of LifeIt's narrated by Stephanie Murphy, who you will recognise from the beginning and end of each episode of the Becoming Who You Are podcast. She is a superb voice artist and did an amazing job!From Coping to Thriving: How to Turn Self-Care Into a Way of Life is a comprehensive guide to making self-care part of your everyday life.With a balance between practical suggestions, coaching-style questions and psychological groundwork, From Coping to Thriving is designed to give you the self-knowledge and awareness you need to start integrating self-care into your life, instead of integrating self-care around your life. Not only does the book contain hundreds of useful tips and ideas to get you going, it will also take you deeper into related topics like habit-formation, coping strategies and dealing with resistance to self-care.Today, I want to share with you a chapter of the book on obstacles to self care. You can listen via the podcast or by clicking play on the video below.If you enjoy this excerpt, you can get the full audiobook through Audible, Amazon or iTunes. $5+ Patrons also get copies of both of my books (including the audiobooks) so if you'd like to support my work on Becoming Who You Are and get the audiobook, click here to find out more and make a pledge. https://youtu.be/QhVNILdo_OU 

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From Coping to Thriving: How to Turn Self-Care Into a Way of Life: available now in paperback, ebook and audiobook.

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