Episode 24: How to Give Feedback


Feedback is one of the most crucial elements of our relationships, yet most of us do not have a lot of practice in this area! In this episode, I talk about how to give positive feedback, not-so-positive feedback, and offer some tips on unsolicited feedback too. Among other things, we'll cover:

  • The difference between conventional compliments and wham bam straight-from-the-heart meaningful positive feedback
  • The top conversation no-nos
  • Why unsolicited feedback (feedback that the other party hasn't asked for) is a touchy issue and how our motivations for giving this kind of feedback are a great indicator of how productive the conversation will be
  • How to provide unsolicited feedback that is still genuine, authentic and based on our experience

At the beginning of the episode, I also talk about my new journaling course, Working from the Heart. This 14-day e-course consists of daily prompts delivered straight to your inbox. Over two weeks, you'll have the opportunity to explore what authentic working means to you and develop a detailed picture of steps you can take to make your working life meaningful, fulfilling and more aligned with your values and gifts. Click the link above to view the course and sign up.

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