#69: Creating Communities in Business and Life with Cristina Roman


cristina-roman-headshot.jpg.jpgIn this week's podcast episode, I'm talking to Cristina Roman from One Woman Shop about creating communities in business and life, and finding our "right people." Cristina is the founder of One Woman Shop, a community and resource hub for solopreneurs and freelancers based on the principle that going it alone doesn't have to be lonely.

The episode: Creating communities in business and life with Cristina Roman

Topics we discuss include:

  • How and why Cristina came up with the idea for One Woman Shop
  • Some of the challenges we all experience as we step up into a leadership role
  • The key ingredient that encourages people to stick around as a member of your community
  • A way of reframing negative feedback

...and much more!

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One Woman Shop - Cristina's community for female solopreneurs

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