#73: Emotional Intelligence with Jo Casey


JoIn this week's podcast episode, I'm talking to Jo Casey about emotional intelligence.Apologies for the clicking noises in this episode; headphones with built-in microphones + scarves = not a good combination! 

The episode: emotional intelligence with Jo Casey

Topics we discuss include:

  • What personal development is really about
  • How we can handle our shadow sides
  • Why there's no such thing has having it "all figured out"
  • Why it's important to check our assumptions about (and comparisons with) other people
  • How to find the sweet spot between over-sharing and closing off...and much more!

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[Tweet "Personal development is about being curious and being able to step into a place of possibility."][Tweet "The thoughts in your head don't define whether you're a good or bad person."][Tweet "Vulnerability isn't the end goal, it's a byproduct of living life fully."]

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