#80: How to Read 100 Books Each Year


If you've been wanting to read more, this episode is for you. This week, I'm sharing another interview with my significant other, Jake from The Voluntary Life, on how to read 100 books each year. I love reading and truly believe it's a gateway to a more learned and fulfilling life (the same goes for listening to audiobooks, if that's more your cup of tea). I also know a lot of people struggle to find the time or the motivation to read more, so I wanted to share a few suggestions and thoughts about how we can prioritise adding more inspiration and knowledge to our lives.

The episode: How to read 100 books each year

Topics we discuss include:

  • How to read 100+ books per year without using speed-reading or any other techniques.
  • How to choose what to read
  • What systems you can put in place to make your reading more efficient and inspiring
  • How to retain information from what you’re reading (even when you read a lot)

...and much more!

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