#83: Reconnecting with Your Original Impulse with Cynthia Morris


Cynthia-new-wall1-408x600Cynthia Morris is an author, artist and business owner, who has learned how to love being at the scary creative edge. She knows firsthand what it takes to finish and ship books, art, businesses and ventures that are both profitable and innovative. Through her company Original Impulse, Cynthia has helped thousands of creative people move past inner and outer obstacles to make work that matters.

The episode: Reconnecting with your original impulse with Cynthia Morris

Topics we discuss include:

  • Why it's important to check your consumption levels and balance consumption with creativity
  • How to manage our inner critics when taking creative risks
  • Journaling prompts and other practical tools Cynthia recommends for reconnecting with our original impulse
  • The power of slowing down and making a long-term commitment to your craft
...and much more!

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[Tweet "One of the biggest challenges for creative people is 'What do I do next?'"]
[Tweet "When we lose space we lose touch with our creative wellspring"]
[Tweet "There's the writer, the CEO and the artist, and they all need a space at the table."]

[Tweet "Writing doesn't happen through thinking, writing happens through writing"]

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