#84: Balancing Goals and Self-Care with Kyla Roma


Kyla Roma - Grey WallIn this week's podcast, I'm chatting to the lovely Kyla Roma. Kyla is a web designer, business coach and digital strategist who helps goal-oriented bloggers, freelancers and creative business owners get to the “OH!” and “YES!” moments in their businesses - without working harder and longer for it.No matter what your dream is, she believes there’s a way to get there that doesn’t involve throwing stability out the window or relying on good vibes to be your guide.

The Episode: Balancing Goals and Self-Care with Kyla Roma

Topics we discuss include:

  • How to deal with information overwhelm (and why it's possible to plan too much)
  • How to think about your goals so you can become who you want to be without missing out on opportunities
  • How to balance goals with self-care (and some of Kyla's favourite practices that help her with this)
  • Suggestions for how to maintain stability in your life, even when you're feeling stressed
  • How Kyla has stayed creatively satisfied while building her business over the last few years.
...and much more!

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