#91: The Art of Transformation with Caroline Leon


After a break at the beginning of this year, the podcast is back! In this episode, I'm sharing an insightful conversation with Caroline Leon about the art of transformation; especially why some of us seem to take transformation in our stride while others struggle to make the changes we want to make.Caroline_Leon-Schoolhouse_Beach-California-Greg_Goodman-AdventuresofaGoodMan-01-29-15_17-25-07Caroline is a personal transformation coach who supports people to live happier and more fulfilled lives. She loves nothing more than supporting others to live without limits and bringing groups of women together to support them to take bold leaps in the direction of their dreams.

Episode: The Art of Transformation with Caroline Leon

Topics we cover include:

  • The 3 ways we can relate to the world: co-dependence, independence, and interdependence
  • The key conditions for transformation, including openness and being ready and willing to accept help (through therapy and coaching)
  • How to relate to our fear when it comes to making big changes
  • The paradox of personal development: how to accept ourselves as we are, while being open to growth at the same time.

...and much more!

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[Tweet ""There's so much gold to be taken from being interested in other people's journeys.""][Tweet ""Once you see what's on the other side, you realise the thing itself is never as bad as the fear.""][Tweet ""Fear is allowed in the car, but it's not allowed to drive and it's not allowed to read the map.""][Tweet ""Struggle is part of the transformation process. The struggle is part of the journey.""]

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