#92: Turning Dreams into Adventures with Paula Schramm


PaulaIn this episode, I'm talking to Paula Schramm, who has just embarked on a months-long journey along the Camino Way.Paula has been on a long journey to find what is good and true. It took her through a PhD candidacy in science, yoga teacher training and also, through Santiago de Compostela. Along the way she found a many strategies that not only helped her recover from her own mental health issues, but to thrive in a world that is often hostile to personal growth.At the center of all of these is fundamentally accepting the individual power to take control of one’s own life and to exert influence in the world. As a coach/superhero/guide, working from Stuttgart, she shares these strategies with individuals and companies.

Episode: Turning Dreams into Adventures with Paula Schramm

Topics we cover include:

  • What inspired Paula to embark on the Camino Way
  • How to deal with uncertainty and not knowing how big dreams and journeys will turn out
  • The value of visualising your journey beforehand
  • The importance of not only knowing why you're doing something but building systems and routines that help us keep doing it.

...and much more!

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Beyond the Field of Stars - Paula's Zine. Issue one takes its theme from life: it is a great adventure. Contributors range from Chris Guillebeau, bestselling author and worldwide adventurer to mindfulness coach Kim Nicol; they tell us why deep commitment and sacred curiosity is essential to living a meaningful life.

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