95: Two Levels of Understanding That Lead to Deeper Confidence


Have you ever been in a situation where you know all the reasons you should feel deeper confidence, yet not actually felt it?We all have two levels of understanding that impact our confidence (and other aspects of our personal growth and life experience): intellectual understanding and emotional understanding. Most of us lean towards one or the other, but we need a balance between these two types of understanding to be able to live consciously and authentically.In this episode, I'm talking more about these two types of understanding and how we can use them to experience deeper confidence and live more in alignment with who we really are.

Episode: Two levels of understanding that lead to deeper confidence

I cover:

  • The difference between emotional and intellectual understanding (and why this matters)
  • The three realms of confidence (belief in your competence, belief in your ability to learn and problem solve, belief in your own intrinsic worth
  • How we can live with more of a balance between our intellectual and emotional understanding

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