Episode 19: How to Be Your Own Consultant


How can you help yourself?This episode encourages you to take on the role of being your own consultant. When we find ourselves facing a tricky situation or challenge, it can be easy to start feeling stuck, helpless, and like we just don't know what to do. As Harry Browne says (and I quote in the podcast) "There’s always something you can do. And usually the way to find out what you can do is to ask."This podcast looks at how to identify our biggest problem right now and the five steps we can take to 'consult' with ourselves:1. Break the problem down2. Identify which factors you have control over and which you don't3. List the ways you've already tried to tackle the things you have control over4. List the solutions you haven't tried yet, and why you haven't tried them5. Look for the story behind the reasons

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How I Found Freedom in an Unfree World - Harry BrowneThe Ultimate Guide to Journaling - Hannah's ebook that contains everything you need to know about journaling, and more.

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