Episode 50: Thank You and a quick update from Hannah


Woohoo! We've reached the 50th episode of the Becoming Who You Are podcast! I'm so happy to be here and, to mark this milestone, I'm taking a break from interviews to bring you a short solo-cast.Listen to find out more about Becoming Who You Are's new direction, why our relationship with ourselves is so important to our experience of life, and a small request from me to you if you've enjoyed the show so far.I'd love to hear your feedback and suggestions about what you'd like to see in the future so please share your thoughts in the comments below or email me at hannah [at] becomingwhoyouare [dot] net.Thanks for joining me for special episode number 50!Useful LinksThe True Meaning of Kindness Say Hello@becomewhourFacebook: www.facebook.com/becomingwhoyouarewww.becomingwhoyouare.net Intro and outro: Stephanie MurphyPhoto Credit: seyed mostafa zamani