Episode 57: How to Create Lasting Change with Nicole Antoinette


In this episode of the Becoming Who You Are podcast, I'm chatting with Nicole Antoinette from Life Less Bullshit. We originally recorded this interview for From Coping to Thriving, but I wanted to share it with you today because Nicole offers a ton of useful advice and suggestions that we can use in many areas of life to create lasting change.Topics we cover include:

  • How to talk to yourself if you want to make lasting change
  • The most important question to ask yourself when embarking on a new habit or change (it's probably not what you think...)
  • Why passion is key and the "giving zero fucks" attitude that is vogue in our culture right now won't help you.
  • How to keep going when your enthusiasm wanes
  • Why motivation is BS (and what you need to do instead)

And more.(Please note: this podcast has a couple of f-bombs and is probably nsfw)

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Nicole: Twitter: @NicoleLessBSWebsite: lifelessbullshit.comHannah:Pinterest: pinterest.com/hannahbraimeFacebook: facebook.com/becomingwhoyouareWebsite: becomingwhoyouare.net

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