Episode 60: Rewriting Our Stories with Sas Petherick


This episode is a conversation with coach, writer, and life transformer Sas Petherick. Sas shows you how to get more love, money and joy by changing how you think. Really, she’s here to remind you of your vast, innate brilliance. She’s on a quest to help you feel your way to actions aligned to your truest self; to create a life that feels easy and awesome.Sas is a Certified Coach trained by Dr. Martha Beck and the Coaches Training Institute, and she is currently wading through an MA/PhD in Coaching & Mentoring at Oxford Brookes University. Sas’ energy, smarts, humour and intuition guide every transformational coaching session and sold-out retreat. She’s been described as ‘equal parts laughing buddha and fiery femme, salty sailor and foxy minx’.Sas offers so many golden nuggets in this conversation. Topics we cover include:

  • How to think about big life transitions
  • How we can rewrite our stories
  • Living with past trauma and pain and still experience joy
  • Why happiness isn't the only feeling we should be striving for
  • Sas's framework for letting go of our old stories and creating new ones


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