Every Ending is a new Beginning


Today is the first day of spring, I'm glad it's here. Some people are mourning the loss of winter for another year; even though I don't feel the same way, I'm aware of this.But that's the thing about seasons: they always come back.It's the same with days too. Each sunset is the start of a new sunrise. The sun inevitably goes down, and it inevitably comes up again.Sometimes we can't wait for things to end; sometimes we wish they would never end; sometimes we bring about endings ourselves, and sometimes the endings are out of our control. But endings, although sometimes painful, are inevitable.Let's look at this another way.Each sunset is necessary to have a new sunrise.Without endings we cannot have new beginnings. When things end, we can get caught up in the past. We don't want to go back to real life after a holiday, we don't want a perfect day to end, we don't want to let go of someone we love, even when it's over.Noticing these feelings is helpful - it doesn't stop the ending happening, or make it any easier, but it deepens our awareness of what's missing, what's wanting, what we're needing, knowledge we can take forward and use.Whatever we wish we had done during one day, we will get a fresh chance to do it the next.Every day is a fresh start. How are you going to use yours?