Free Webinar: How to Be Kind to Yourself

How to Be Kind to Yourself Webinar Header You are cordially invited to my (first ever!) webinar on Thursday 13th February at 8pm EST | 7pm Central | 5pm PST. The theme is "How to Be Kind to Yourself", and we'll be covering:

  • What self-kindness means and why it's so important
  • The three main types of self-kindness and how they each affect us
  • Five things you can start doing right now to develop a kinder relationship with yourself
  • How practicing self-kindness will positively impact your other relationships too

I'll also be running a Q&A session at the end and tackling your biggest questions about self-kindness. We'll be sharing our insights on Twitter using the hashtag #selfkindness so you can take the conversation online too!I hope you'll join us. To reserve your spot, please click here to sign up or enter your details in the box below:This webinar is now over. To hear more about future events, please click here to join the community.Do you care about someone who could use a little more self-kindness in their lives? Share this post with them or click below to tweet about the webinar:I'm joining @becomewhour to start a self-kindness revolution! Free webinar 2/13. Sign up here: #selfkindnessThis Thursday, I'm learning how to be kinder to myself with @becomewhour. Join me! #selfkindnessI look forward to "seeing" you there!What are your biggest questions or challenges around self-kindness? Leave a comment, let me know, and I'll do my best to address your question during the webinar!