Get It Started, Make It Happen: A Free Workshop Series


Procrastination is a perennial problem that affects everyone at some point. When we're in the sticky middle of it, we tend to feel like we're the only ones. In reality, this is a battle a lot of us are all fighting in our own ways.One of the biggest struggles people seem to have with procrastination is the air of mystery around it. We know what we need to do, we know we need to do it... so why in the name of productivity aren't we getting on with it? We do the things we'd usually do to overcome a problem (Google it! Read books on the topic! Talk to people about it!) but, deep down, we know these are just more ways of procrastinating.The frustration sets in when the things we delay or postpone are things that lead to our growth and self-actualisation. We experience internal conflict. One part of us says "Come on! Look at all this great stuff on the other side! Look at who you could be and what you could do!" Another part says "Forget about that part! WATCH CATS ON YOUTUBE."Stalemate.The good news is that overcoming procrastination is not rocket science.Inaction happens for a number of reasons that are 100% understandable and relatable. They are also 100% surmountable.I've dealt with my fair share of procrastination-related problems over the last few years, and I see so many people who struggle with the same issues.Get it Started, Make it Happen is for you if you have ideas—lots of ideas. They’ve been hanging around for a while, filling your head with all kinds of visions about how great you’re going to feel when they become reality. You know you're capable of more.But so far, they’re just ideas. As of today, you’re stalled when it comes to taking action.That’s going to change.I believe the world is much richer place when we have the courage to get off our butts, overcome the things that hold us back, and share our ideas and gifts with the world.[Tweet "The world is a richer place when we have the courage to share our gifts, skills and vision"]In this free workshop series, we’ll be covering the A to B journey you need to take to move from idea to reality.

The workshop is now over. To hear more about upcoming events, join the community.

Here’s the lowdown:

Workshop #1: Why we procrastinate (and what to do about it)

Tuesday 20th October, 4pm EST //1pm PST//9pm BSTBecause knowledge and understanding = power to change. Identify your particular brand of procrastination and how to move through it.

Workshop #2: The action mindset

Tuesday 27th October, 4pm EST //1pm PST//8pm BST*By the end of this workshop, you’ll have identified the exact mindset shifts you need to make to get it done, make it happen and, most importantly, find gold in the process.

Workshop #3: Practical tools and suggestions for taking action right now

Tuesday 3rd November, 4pm EST //1pm PST//8pm GMT*5 practical suggestions you can use to get started on your next meaty project or challenge. Think Lifehacker meets GTD with a sprinkling of Psychology Today.

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The workshop is now over. To hear more about upcoming events, join the community.

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