What can Sentence Completion do for you?


Earlier this week, I sent out a challenge. The challenge was to honour yourself, as you are, by undertaking 12 Weeks to Self-Knowledge. This is my new offering: it's a 12-week course with daily emails and sentence completion prompts.Here’s what sentence completion has meant to me, and why I think the practice is important to share with you:I came across sentence completion three years ago. At the time, I was in therapy and looking for tools that would complement my personal development. I’d never heard of sentence completion before, so thought I would try it.What started as a mild curiosity turned into a daily practice that lasted for months. At times, I can find it very difficult to identify what I feel, and the instinctive nature of sentence completion hit me where it mattered. Self-censorship (a regular occurence before sentence completion) went out the window. Gut feelings and raw realities were in.It was difficult. Accepting what came up was hard, it still is.But I met parts of myself for the first time in those months, and I’m so glad. The idea that I might not have met those parts, that they might still be buried, is concerning. I think of how I used to feel like something was missing, of how externalised my perspective was, and how my thoughts and feelings were jumbled.That’s why I want to share.I’ve tried lots of different ‘techniques’, approaches and tools, and this is one of the most valuable I’ve come across.It’s not fun (in the sense that we know ‘fun’), it’s not easy, but it is rewarding. It will open doors that, as of yet, are still closed. It will offer you the opportunity to explore new territory, territory that you might not even know exists at the moment.Does this sound good to you? If so, click here. Photo Credit: saturns-stingray via Compfight cc